Zhelnov to Editors

An open letter from Pavel Zhelnov to editors of medical journals about his Russian translation of the PRISMA 2020 Statement. 🇷🇺🇺🇸


Dear editorial team,

This is Pavel Zhelnov, an independent researcher from Saint Petersburg, Russia. I hereby inform you that I have embarked on translating the PRISMA 2020 Statement, that was published on September 14th, 2020, as a MetaArXiv preprint, into Russian.

Disclaimer: The PRISMA 2020 team, Cochrane Russia, other organizations and persons were never involved in creation of this Letter and never endorsed it. This Letter and my crowdfunding campaign are my sole responsibility.

Since 2009, there has been no published Russian translation of key PRISMA articles (just the translated checklist and the flow diagram have been published), while Russian-speaking presence in evidence synthesis has been remarkably low. These shortcomings have motivated my involvement in the PRISMA 2020 development. However, I am a self-employed researcher with no institutional affiliations and have no funding for this research (nor did I ever have). This is why I am launching a crowdfunding campaign and asking you to support it.

In addition to providing direct financial support for the PRISMA translation, crowdfunding will let me continue my independent evidence synthesis career. If crowdfunding fails, I will still translate the PRISMA 2020 Statement but will likely not be able to continue my Open Science activities in 2021.

I should stress that I will translate the PRISMA 2020 Statement into Russian regardless of my funding. I have already promised this to the PRISMA 2020 team lead and the team at Cochrane Russia, who will help ensure successful completion of the official translation process. The draft translations will be hosted in a public repository (DOI 10.17605/OSF.IO/QDMU6). At the same time, it will likely not be fair if I am not paid for this job.

The PRISMA 2020 Statement preprint is roughly 70,000 characters in length, so, assuming the translation rate of $10 per 1,000 characters, the project cost is $700. Depending on the amount raised, I would like to additionally translate the PRISMA 2020 Explanation & Elaboration preprint, a separate document roughly 160,000 characters in length ($2,300 in total). I will relocate any excess funds into my separate nonprofit Open Evidence Synthesis project.

If you are interested in increasing Russian-speaking presence in evidence synthesis, please support my translation by either disseminating this Letter or becoming its sponsor. You can also contact me directly via email, via Telegram, on Twitter, or on Facebook.

To ensure transparency, I will publish the list of parties I made contact with as well as their reactions to this Letter in the Table of Recipients below.

Thank you for your support! I believe I have made the right choice seeking it from you.

Best regards,
Pavel Zhelnov, MD

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